Month: June 2018

Who do Americans trust to help protect the environment?

According to an annual poll held by Gallup including more than 1000 people, most Americans trust the national and local organizations for environmental protection and conservation and preservation work the most. The least trust in regard to environmental protection is in the large corporations and in the Republican Party according to the poll.

About 26% of the public put a lot of trust in their local environmental organizations for protecting the environment. 43% have claimed to have “moderate” trust in these groups and 3 of every 10 asked has no trust at all.

This year, the results of the poll show that the trust which Americans have in the national organization has diminished as compared to the percentage back in 2000.

As for governmental environmental protection, the results of the poll show that 22% of the US residents asked have a lot of trust in federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency, while 42% have claimed to moderately trust them. State agencies are trusted even less according to the poll.  The level of trust in any kind of governmental environmental organizations and agencies has decreased significantly from 2000.

The poll also includes questions about the level of trust in politicians for making a change and becoming stewards in the environmental protection cause. The results show that only 11% of the residents asked trust Congress a “great deal” and only 35% trust it moderately. 53% of the Americans asked have claimed to have little or no trust in politicians and in the Congress to help protect the environment.

The results of the poll by Gallup show that the people in America tend to trust the Democratic Party more than the Republican Party when it comes to environmental protection.

The numbers show that 15% of the Americans trust the Democratic Party a lot, and 37% trust it moderately in regard to environmental protection.

Only 9% of those asked have claimed to trust the Republican Party a lot, while 32% have moderate levels of trust in the Republican Party for environmental protection.

As for the industry, it can be concluded that the public is quite skeptical about the treatment of the private industry of the environment. As a whole, small businesses seem to be likelier to be trusted as compared to large ones. 15% trust small businesses a great deal and 30% claimed that they moderately trust small businesses to help protect the environment.

As for large corporations, only 7% of the people asked claimed to put a lot of trust in the large corporations for helping protect the environment.